Casas de Santa Fe Inc. represents personalized quality service. As a full-service property management firm, we are very committed to assisting you to capitalize on the benefits of your investment through dedication to honesty, integrity and transparency in the management of your property.

Management Contract

All management contracts are signed between the Qualified Broker, Conrad Dahlstedt, the Leasing Agent, Mark Armijo, and the Owner of the property. Either party can terminate the Management Agreement with a sixty (60) day written notice. There is a setup fee which includes:
– Integrate your investment with our management software
– Gather information about your investment for our maintenance department
– Establish your investment in our accounting department
– Website listing
– Photos for website
A working balance is maintained within a trust account and is required for any repairs, expenses, etc.

Property Evaluation

Before beginning the Management process, a property evaluation is necessary to determine the Owner’s goals for the property, rental amount, amenities, possible items requiring special attention, and repairs.

Knowledge of the Market

With over Twenty years of experience in the Real Estate Market ranging from Vacation Rentals, Purchase/Sell, or Long-Term Homes, our Leasing Agents have vast market knowledge at their disposal. After assessing the property, its location, and amenities, we will provide a market range and decide upon the appropriate rental rate to begin advertising your property.


Casas de Santa Fe Inc. markets vacancies on over 27 marketing sites including but not limited to: Zillow, Truila, Hotpads, YahooHomes, Rent, Homes, & etc. These listings include a minimum of 20 photographs, description, list of amenities, approx. square footage, and if pets are considered.

Showing the Property

All properties are showed in Person by a Casas de Santa Fe Inc. employee. Keys are not provided to prospective applicants.

Screening the Prospective Tenant

All applicants over the age of 18 must submit a rental application, inclusive of a photo ID, income verification, and references. Once the full application is obtained, a criminal background, eviction report, and credit report are collected. The minimum credit score accepted is 700 unless otherwise agreed upon between Owner and Agent.

Lease Agreement

The Lease Agreement is based around the Realtors Association of New Mexico forms with a few additional clauses found necessary based upon experience. A Lead Based Paint & Mold Disclosure is required by each occupant. The Lease Agreement and supporting Addendums are signed by the Tenant, Co-Signer, and Agent. A copy is then sent to the Owner for documentation.

Tenant Deposit

The sum of One Month Rent is due and payable prior to taking possession of the property as a deposit to secure Lessee’s faithful performance of all terms, conditions and covenants of this Lease. Agent may apply the deposit, or any part of it, to: (1) repair any damage to the premises caused by the Lessee(s); (2) have all carpets professionally cleaned in the event Lessee(s)fail to do so; (3) clean the premises upon Lessee’s failure to leave the premises in a clean condition; (4) rent which, at the time of termination of this Lease, is then due and owing; (5) the remaining balance due to any utility provider: sewer, water, trash removal/refuse, gas, electric and fees including penalties and interest, if any; or (6) to reimburse Agent for any other loss or damages resulting from Lessee’s breach of this Lease. This deposit may not be used by the Lessee(s) to apply to rent due or about to become due. Tenant shall be liable for all damage caused to the Property. The security deposit collected does not constitute a cap on tenant’s liability for damage to the property.

Move In/Out Inspections

Each Lease Agreement is accompanied by a Move-In Inspection and time stamped Photographs performed by a Casas de Santa Fe Inc. Maintenance Coordinator. A Move-In report is requested of the tenant within Two Weeks of occupancy to ensure all items are documented. Upon termination and vacancy, the two move-in reports are utilized to determine the return of the security deposit.

Collection of Rent

Tenants are able to pay their rent online, through the mail, mobile app, or in person. Rent is due on the first of the month. Rent can be paid by 5pm on the 5th of each month without penalty. A 10% late fee is assessed and a “3 Day Notice of Failure to Pay (dependent on Holiday & Weekend) is delivered to the tenant on the 6th of each month.

Maintenance and Repairs

Tenants are encouraged to report any questions or concerns to our maintenance department immediately. There is a 24/7 direct emergency line to a Casas de Santa Fe Inc. team member, online work order request, and email submission available to all tenants.

Lease Compliance

Casas de Santa Fe Inc. reserves the right to inspect all properties on a quarterly basis. Casas will address any lease compliance/HOA/CCR’s regulations with the tenants, as necessary

Rent Increase and Lease Renewals

Rental Renewals are typically accompanied by a rental increase, dependent on the market and occupant history. These factors are discussed between the Agent and Owner to determine the optimal renewal agreement.

Renter’s Insurance

Renter Insurance is required of all Occupants. They are required to obtain renters insurance to protect their possessions inside the dwelling within Two Weeks of Occupancy.

Owner Deposits

Owners can log into their Owner Portal and complete the Credit Authorization Agreement for Electronic Direct Deposits.

Accurate Accounting

We make every effort to disperse your funds and monthly report by the 15th of each month. All owners have access to an online portal to view their owner statements.

Year End Reports

We will mail your 1099 Misc. Form by January 31st and give you a year-end report of all activity for your property.